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Character Parties
in Wellington New Zealand

Imagine the smile on your child’s face when they open the door to see their favourite character! Creating authentic experiences, stress free parties and magical memories!  Rainbow Circus provides exquisite entertainment for kids birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, businesses, schools and more. We specialise in princess parties as well as many other character themed events. Our quality costumes and wigs, along with our talented cast, ensure the most authentic performance for every special occasion.

Our Characters

Copy of Copy of Rainbow Unicorn Fairy! (1).jpg


I'm a Barbie Girl

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

Book Barbie and she will arrive at your place in her own box! 

Dressed in her signature pink look, this character is a real doll.

Barbie loves to play games and tell stories of life in her dream house.

Book her for your dream Barbie party now.

fariy party.jpg

Unicorn Fairy

Spread your Wings & Fly

Is your little one dreaming of a Unicorn Birthday Party? Invite this magical Unicorn Fairy to the party and rainbows are sure to show up too!

Make your heart flutter with all that glitters, shimmers, and twirls! A magical unicorn fairy birthday party is the ultimate birthday party adventure for the girl (or boy) who wants to give their dreams wings!

pink princess character.jpg

Pink Princess

Pretty in Pink

Newly royal, our Pink Princess is just getting used to her princess lifestyle, but she’s a breath of fresh air for everyone in the kingdom.

Our Pink Princess is kind hearted, adventurous, and always eager to help. She forms friendships easily, making her the perfect princess to teach your little princess or prince the ropes of becoming royalty!

Our pink princess arrives in a fabulous ball gown!

Copy of Copy of Rainbow Unicorn Fairy! (2).jpg


The Snow Princess

This charming (and silly) princess will have your guests giggling all afternoon! Book her alone, or with her sister for even more magical fun! 

These darling sisters will bring their royal kindness and charm to share with your guests. Our Anna and Elsa characters are ready to make your party shine. Book her alone or with her sister, Elsa



The World is Your Oyster

Invite this sea loving, head strong lady to your party today and have an adventure you'll never forget!

Moana loves to play games and share stories from her Island.


Our Moana princess character would be a great addition to your next birthday party!

Ladybug party logo.jpg

Miraculous LadyBug

Superhero Training!

Miraculous Ladybug is swinging in to save the day! Invite this supergirl to your next event! 

Miraculous Ladybug will teach you how to become a superhero just like she is! Play themed party games and have so much fun!

dance party.jpg


 Dance Party

Unicorn Vibes

Party with Unicorn vibes at your own unicorn dance party! Our Unicorn Dance Entertainer will host dancing games with prizes as well as teaching the kids a dance routine including jazz and hip-hop moves to some cool music!  We get ready for showtime with face glitter and temp tattoos, our finale is a mini dance show that can be filmed by you!

new spiderman.JPG


Saving the World

Looking to hire a Spiderman party character to attend your next birthday party? Look no further! Experience the joy of meeting your favourite superhero in person! 

Our Spiderman party character loves attending birthday parties. First he’ll begin with a meet and greet with you and your guests. Spiderman loves telling stories about his life and all about his superhero character friends. Will he reveal his true identity to you?


Dinosaur Explorer

Have a Jurassic time!

Before humans walked the Earth, dinosaurs were the rulers of the planet.

What's your favourite dinosaur? Is it the stubby armed T-Rex or a vicious Velociraptor?

Our Dinosaur Explorer knows SO much about dinosaurs! He loves to tell stories about his adventures!

Invite him to your party for fun facts, dino themed games and rad photos opportunities!



I like Warm Hugs!

Our favourite snowman Olaf will bring any Frozen party to life and will no doubt surprise and delight guests of all ages. Olaf will bring the fun, whimsy and silliness from the movie straight to your party!

Olaf is a kind personality who really likes warm hugs. Olaf really is very funny snowman!

Book him alone or with his friends Elsa and Anna.

Elsa Party.jpg


The Snow Queen

If you’d like to confidently hire the best princess for your party, look no further! Snow Queen Elsa may live in an ice palace, but she’ll warm your hearts at your celebration! You may even want to opt for the full experience, and invite her sister Anna as well!



Make a Splash

Gather your little guppies for a splashy time with our Mermaid character! Get ready to make waves at your little one’s next birthday! Our little mermaid is full of energy and ready for a birthday adventure with your little fishy.

Untitled design (31).jpg


Have a Ball!

Introducing the enchanting Cinderella, a beloved character who brings a touch of magic and elegance to any party!


Dressed in her iconic ball gown, Cinderella radiates elegance and sophistication. Her stunning blue dress, adorned with delicate details and shimmering accents, instantly transports party guests into a world of fairy tales and dreams. 



Flower Power

Make your party an Encanto fiesta with this elegant character! Isabella spreads flowers and beauty, wherever she goes! 

You'll be singing and dancing her songs for days after her visit! But shhh... don't talk about Bruno ok?!



In a World Full of Mondays, Be a Wednesday.

Book Wednesday for your party and she will teach you the moves to her viral dance. Get ready for show time with nail painting and makeup.

Until they make a darker colour, Wednesday's fave colour is black. If you're a bit more an Enid, don't worry- we've got you covered with pink and sparkles too. 

Our finale is a mini dance show that can be filmed by you!

dance (1).jpg

JoJo Dance


I Just Wanna Dance

Party with JoJo and have a

Bow-tastic time! Our JoJo character will host dancing games with prizes as well as teaching the kids a dance routine including jazz and hip-hop moves to JoJo’s music!  We get ready for showtime with face glitter and temp tattoos, our finale is a mini dance show that can be filmed by you!



Stealth & Agility

Meet Ninja Nate, the ultimate party ninja! With lightning-fast moves and a heart full of fun, Ninja Nate brings excitement and adventure to every kids' party he attends.

Dressed in a sleek black costume adorned with vibrant colours, Ninja Nate captivates children with his mysterious presence. His mask hides his identity, leaving room for kids' imaginations to run wild as they wonder who's behind it.

batman character.jpg


Caped Crusader

Planning an exhilarating and thrilling party? Our Batman character might exactly be the superhero that you need to make your party super! Gotham’s most famous masked vigilante would love to join in the fun.


The Caped Crusader is ready to go out of his bat cave and straight to your party! 

Copy of Copy of Rainbow Unicorn Fairy! (1).jpg



“It's leviOsa, not levioSA!”

Balloon wands, magic duels, games with prizes and house placement are just a few of the many exciting activities the Wizarding Kids bring to their special events!

Your Harry Potter themed birthday party may be a memorable event with the attendance of our awesome Entertainer.

Wands at the ready..Swish and flick!




Don't Worry, Be Hoppy!

Book our Bunny for a Hop-in visit at Easter time, or book any time of the year for a bunny lovers party! 

Our Bunny is soft and friendly and loves a pat! He likes to dance around and give high fives to all the guests!



Under the Sea

If you're looking to host a celebration under the sea, Ariel is the princess for you! This fun-loving songstress is going to swim into your hearts and give your little mermaid an unforgettable experience! Dive into the fun, as no ocean-themed party is complete without this mermaid!



Never Stop Dreaming

Let down your hair and host a princess party with Rapunzel! She may be a bit stir-crazy, having been trapped in a tower for so long, but now she’s free and ready to have a good time. She is a wonderful choice for your special person’s important celebration!

Copy of Untitled Design (1).jpg


Fairy Magic!

Introducing Tink, the delightful and enchanting character who will sprinkle a touch of magic over any kids' party! Tink is a beloved and mischievous fairy from the enchanting world of Neverland, where dreams come true. With her vibrant emerald dress, shimmering wings, and an infectious giggle, she captures the hearts of children everywhere.



Magic Awaits You

Make your party an Encanto fiesta with this quirky character! Mirabel loves to celebrate each child's uniqueness and helps them discover their magic powers! 

You'll be singing and dancing her songs for days after her visit! But shhh... don't talk about Bruno ok?!

wonder woman character.jpg

Wonder Woman

Strong & Brave

You are stronger than you believe!

Wonder Woman is  wise, quick, stubborn, fearless and strong. She fights against injustice and can defy laws to achieve her goals.


Wonder Woman can lead your party or come as a second character.  Strong, beautiful and clever she is popular with both boys and girls.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Mask (1).jpg

Tik Tok Dance


Go Viral Online!

Learn all the latest trending dances! Our Dancer will host dancing games with prizes as well as teaching the kids their favourite Tik Tok dances.  We get ready for showtime with face glitter and temp tattoos, our finale is a performance that can be filmed by you!

Copy of Pokémon.jpg

Pokemon Trainer

Gotta Catch 'em All!

Unleash your imagination as you embark on a quest to catch 'em all.


Engage in thrilling themed games, solve puzzles, and learn fun facts about your favourite Pokémon characters. Get ready for a party filled with excitement, friendship, and epic Pokémon fun! 

Fortnite Party.jpg



#1 Battle Royale

 First up it’s time to perfect that shot with target practice. See who can hit all the targets using our super cool nerf gun. Next, take part in the Balloon War Battle and see who survives the longest. Get blindfolded and pin the tail on the Loot Llama, a Fortnite twist on the classic party game. Do you know how to floss, electro shuffle or do the worm? Unlock all the emotes when our instructors teach you all the popular dance moves.  Finish off with an epic dance off with spot prizes!


Circus Clown Show

Join the Circus

There’s a new clown in town! Are you looking for something different for your party? The whole whānau will be impressed with all the circus tricks and laughs packed into this show!

You'll be amazing by our clown's juggling and balancing skills. This is an interactive show where the birthday child is invited to take part.

Everyone leaves with their very own clown nose too!

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 Coming Soon...

Stay Tuned

We are always adding new characters to our repertoire so please feel free to reach out with any specific requests, or check back here soon!

Character Party Activities

Loaded with fun and engaging activities for all of the children, we make every party unforgettable for your child!

Activities listed here are only an example of what may or may not be included at your event. Party activities are at the discretion of the performer.

Grand Entrance

Face Sparkles

Story Time

Party Games

Temp Tattoos





Nail Painting

Photo Time

Cake Time

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