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All non-refundable retainer fees that have been received to confirm a booking will be transferable to another date if the event is cancelled due to government guidelines affecting social gatherings or clients are advised to isolate.


To protect you and your children, Rainbow Circus has put the following care guidelines in place.

  • We will only paint those who show no symptoms of illness.

  • We will sanitise our hands between each customer.

  • We sanitise ours kits before and after every event, including all of our tools.

  • We use one sponge per child. Once our sponges have touched your skin, they will be set aside to be sanitised at home. 

  • Once our brushes have touched your skin, they will be washed in a sanitising solution, to thoroughly clean them, before they touch the skin of another customer.

  • We do not come to work if we have any signs or symptoms of illness.


1. A non-refundable retainer fee is required to reserve your time and date. Rainbow Circus may not hold your date if this fee is not paid, as they are a first come, first serve business. The non-refundable retainer fee is equal to 50% of services required for your event. Once the retainer fee is accepted by Rainbow Circus, the time and date of your event will be reserved and confirmed via email.

The remainder of the balance is due before the event date (this portion will be refunded if the event is cancelled within 7 days).


a) If a cancellation is made by the client 7 days or more before the event, and Rainbow Circus can schedule another event in its place, Rainbow Circus will return the retainer fee in full. If we are unable to replace your event, Rainbow Circus will return 50% of the retainer fee within 10 business days. The remaining 50% will cover time lost for the artists.

b) Rainbow Circus operates a rain or shine policy, we work no matter if it’s raining or not. We are unable to reserve artists for multiple dates or 'rain days'. We do not offer refunds on the non-refundable retainer fee for inclement weather (rain, high winds, etc.) so please secure an alternate indoor location for your event in advance.

c) If a cancellation is made any time within 6 days before the event, Rainbow Circus will not refund any portions of the retainer fee, as this fee covers time lost for the artists.

d) If Rainbow Circus cancels on the client, Rainbow Circus will return the retainer fee in full within 10 business days. Or, if the client prefers, the retainer fee will be put towards a future event.

2. Rainbow Circus are not responsible for the behaviours of guests at the client's event. Children must be supervised by an adult. The artist may deny services to persons who are aggressive, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or otherwise disruptive to the ambiance of the surrounding area.


*Please see our Risk Assessment document for shared responsibilities between Rainbow Circus and the Client.


3. Please book artists accordingly. We may not be able to work additional hours if another event is booked after your event. If the artist stays additional hours at your event, payment is due in full at the end of the event.


4. Photos taken at the event may be used by us for promotional services, on our website or social media unless otherwise arranged. All care possible is taken to also seek verbal permission from a parent or caregiver before taking photos of customers at events. Please make your guests aware of this and get them to let us know if they don't feel comfortable with the child being in photos.


5. Artists will be free to take toilet and water breaks as required and may take a snack break during a longer booking.


1. Clients are expected to provide a covered structure for artists working at outdoor events, to protect the artists, their equipment and supplies, unless otherwise arranged with Rainbow Circus.


2. Gem clusters and unicorn horns are designed to stay on during normal wear although more energetic activities such as bouncy castle use may cause the cluster or horn to come loose. The artist will carry extra glue to reattach if needed during the event.

3. Artists may not paint a person who is exhibiting signs of illness nor may the artist paint a person who has a wound or open skin.


4. The artist's supplies may not be handled by guests of the event. If a guest misuses the artist's supplies, the client may be asked to replace the supplies.

5. Rainbow Circus may use a line manager or assistant at their discretion at the event. A line manager is mostly responsible for assisting guests with choosing their designs and informing guests about our services. An assistant may be responsible for additional face painting or entertainment to help provide the best service possible art your event.


6. All paints and glitters used are FDA approved and are cosmetic grade supplies. As with any products, a small portion of people may develop a sensitivity to an ingredient in the supplies. Persons who believe they may have a sensitivity to any of our products may request a patch test 30 minutes prior to receiving services. Artists will use reasonable care but are not responsible for damage to clothing or property. If clothing comes into contact with our paints, treat with a stain remover and wash in cold water, as hot water may set in stains.


7. Airbrush, Glitter and Temporary tattoos will be applied to the body only. No face tattoos or Moko will be applied.


1. If circus performers have been booked, the client is expected to provide a clean and dry green room area for artists to change and take allocated breaks.


2. If a circus workshop option has been booked, the client will need to provide a dry flat area for the workshop space to take place, either inside or outside, wether permitting.


3. If a bubble workshop has been booked we require a dry, preferably covered, outside area. Bubble workshops cannot take place inside due to the slippy and wet nature of the bubble mixture, or during wet weather or high winds.



To remove face paints from skin, apply a mild soap directly to the skin adding a very small amount of water. Work into a lather so that all the paint has become grey/brown. Once the paint has been saturated, rinse with clear, luke warm water.

To remove airbrush tattoos before they fade, use an oil based cleanser such as baby or coconut oil.




1. By booking with Rainbow Circus you accept the terms and conditions outlined above.

Any questions can be directed to

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